Why ICT Group?

We offer fair contracts with an unlimited service

Trust is a hard thing to win, but it’s so easy to lose. At ICT Group, We don’t believe trust comes from pinning clients down to 24-month contracts and 90-day notice periods.

That’s why you’ll enjoy fixed costs, a 30-day rolling contract and a truly unlimited service. That’s all the site visits and remote support you can handle. All the advice and consultancy you need. At NO extra charge.

Maybe you’ve never used IT support before and you’ve got yourself in a pickle. Maybe your supplier was outrageously expensive, out of line or just out of touch. Perhaps the demise of the Microsoft Small Business Server hit you hard, or you’re confused about the cloud or Office 365.

Whether you’re a one-man band, a small business or a multinational, we’ve got a package that fits your business and your budget.

Call us for a chat on 02920 090015. If you sign up, you’ll get a whole month of online IT support completely FREE.